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The DBSA Peer Leadership Center is a place where individuals can come together to share perspectives, resources, and ideas on how to strengthen the peer provider community so that more individuals can share hope, and the mental health system can continue on its road to recovery. By creating a profile, your perspective will strengthen the collective voice of peer specialists, which will move the field forward.

Creating a profile on the DBSA Peer Leadership Center allows individuals to network in a variety of ways.

  • Peer supporters and peer specialists will be able to search* for other individuals who have also created a profile by location, certification, Veteran status, and other fields.
  • Peer supporters and peer specialists will be able to private message* each other about questions and/or to make personal connections for mentoring, support, or collaboration
  • Peer specialists will also have the opportunity to participate in discussion boards focused on best-practices for peer specialists and/or to provide insight into challenges facing the field.

*Note individuals will have the option when they are creating their profile to determine if they would like to be included in networking searches and if so, they will have additional options to limit the ways others can search for them.

After initially creating your profile, the system will send you a confirmation and temporary password. You can then log in to change your password and continue to update your profile.


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