Information about peer specialists and peer supporters, certiļæ½fication requirements, and how to integrate peers into treatment teams

Resources on the DBSA Peer Leadership Center are organized by audience:

Certified Peer Specialists

Individuals who have completed peer specialist training and certification from a state- or nationally-recognized training body who are utilizing these skills and certification in their employment, as a volunteer, or seeking opportunities to do so.

Certified peer specialists have access to consolidated resources related to the peer specialist workforce and training including:

Peer Supporters

Individuals who have not completed peer specialist training and certification, but are providing peer support as mental health or substance use support group facilitators, or offering non-peer specialist services or training within their community, such a Mental Health First Aid, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), etc. Peer supporters have access to consolidated resources to enhance their understanding and education including:


Non-profit or corporate entities offering mental health services and/or vested in the employment, or advancement, of the peer workforce. Organizations have access to consolidated resources to help them better utilize and or integrate peers into their workforce including:

  • learning the evolution of the peer provider workforce
  • leveraging research proving the effectiveness of peer support and peer support services
  • employing strategies for integrating peers into a treatment team
  • educating supervisors of your peer workforce